Bad Boy of Maryland

by Katastrophe of Infinity

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released 01 December 2012



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Katastrophe of Infinity Oxon Hill, Maryland

Meet KATASTROPHE: Known Az Terrel A Street Type Rapper On Point Hustlin Everythang. This acronym represents the lifestyle that this up and coming DMV rapper has built for himself.

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Track Name: No Days Off (Remix)
This area we call
they bury the cheap talk
be ready to creep yall
leave ya covered in red
like spaghetti and meatballs
if you ain't street dawg
nah ya can't enter
niggaz breakin all the laws
makin thangs off the wall
like paint thinner
its hard and rough
suckaz won't stop startin stuff
like they're always beginners
betta makem stop that
like you made their whole army surrender
or quit quick
leavem wit big hits
like its some songs to remember
they wig split
cause it will get ripped
like uh orange
in uh blender
perform in the center
like Shaq
used help from corners
like former defensive backs
like fingers
im gonna eventually snap
on people thaz fake like
action figures
like master splinter they rats
when we start comin
I bet they start runnin
like they tryna catch the max
one of my homies
go hard on ya
im not uh follower
but im-uh follow up fast
how ya going be in my presence
and get at me
if you're officially
part of the past
like when uh audience claps
show is over
oh ya
party is crashed
even if you was the newest printer
nobody wouldn't copy your azzzzzzzzzz
Track Name: Money To Blow (Remix)
4get being in uh whack drought
letz accomplish some goals
even if I was in uh submission hold
still wouldn't tap out
blew money
like thaz what I
blow my breath on
when I spit my raps out
im-uh have that stack
and house in my name
like Jerry Stackhouse
and I ain't pullin fake hair
but yeah
when I rap now
im takin all of yall tracks out
Kat uh leave ya name scratched out
don't try to argue
when ya gone
my style
got dem gals sayin hello
like it just called em
from my phone
its like they just dodgin the unknown
because when they romantically
glance at me
all they can really see
iz this star in they home
honey want me letz go
get money to blow
im-uh have that
like I ran smack
in the bank
with the mask
and the thang
had uh pack
that I trained
so we mapped out the game
layin everybody down
sweet and plain
took all of the officers
off of they feet
and said any hostage tryna get stained
before I dip
and hit dem streets and lanes
I'll take the dollars
and tell dat stupid bitch
she can keep da change
like I gotta receipt
we speak the same
language if ya lookin for somebody specific
thaz focusin on
gettin wallets replenished
im all in my business
like the paparazzi and critics
I be committed
to make cheese
from scratch
like uh lottery ticket
preventing our bread from
spreadin around
we'll lay ya head on the ground
itz like we tryna
chill wit you
because we'll probably kick it
Track Name: On Tha Block Wit You
VERSE 1...
You can even be famous
uh male
or uh gang of females
college graduate
or even just came outta jail
do regular work
or uh slanger
im not uh personal trainer
but I can personally train ya
and make ya stay
by uh scale
recognize they bout to fail
if itz some so called comp
that iz fakin
they clientele
ain't all that amazin
and no I ain't on uh fakin tip
but if itz bout dem bacon bits
then im takin it
like itz uh offer
Im takin
im-uh boss in the makin
you can say that
I am uh boss
and I know I ain't
santa clause
but delivered the goods
it don't make uh difference
if ya
givin us love
bad condition
or livin it up
don't get it twisted

Im still that street
way more hood
than uh hood location
that I could be
I would put you out of business
in uh instance
so I recommend ya
keep uh long distance
ya don't want me
to put me
on tha block wit you
all night
because i'll be comin up
right when the sun come up
til itz no sunlight
on tha block wit you
all I need iz one night
and Im-uh rock the night away

VERSE 2...
Im-uh ball
but not going get big headed
still wouldn't take it
to the head
even if it was alcohol
if I get on the block wit yall
I'll be the nicest
and yall will not be hot at all
like uh meal
with no spices
I'll have them low prices
and be makin them pay less
like the prices at payless
know its contagious
if my camps happy
know how to keep uh g
in my name
like uh grand daddy
open all night
like plaid pantry
treatem good
letem slide
that is why
they'll be satisfied
get the customers
buttered all up
like shrimp scampis
and eat man
I'll tell uh sweet thang
itz uh street thang
if you ain't bringin me
any sweet gains
you can't have me

Im still that street
way more hood
than uh hood location
that I could be
I would put you out of business
in uh instance
so I recommend ya
keep uh long distance
ya don't want me
to put me
on tha block wit you
all night
because i'll be comin up
right when the sun come up
til itz no sunlight
on tha block wit you
all I need iz one night
and Im-uh rock the night away
Track Name: One In A Million (Remix)
Youz uh fool if you ain't know
that I know that
me myself and I iz
all I got
put my self out there
like I was told to move
and just like uh homeless dude
im the type of
all out guy
just like uh room full of
males and females
that like all the males and females
I can tell
all yi bye
so don't be waitin for
favors boy
hey of course
strugglin is at uh
all time high
now my mind is way up there
on the moon
always gotta be on point
like im aimin uh gun at you
if uh woman bringin food to the table
what im-uh do
transform to uh pillow
Im layin up under boo
difference is ya chained up
Im runnin loose
ain't hangin out wit dem dudes
that completely gave up
or just complain
before I sit on the curve
with uh bucket full of change
I'll start buckin for the change
buck up buck up buck up buck up
where da change at
do not try to be like me
ya ain't Kat
Im takin the industry in my hands
even wit uh refund ya can't
get the game back
we tryin to eat well
wit da fire that we sell
we tired of busin it
don't like ridin the d12
tryna hold uh rydah back
like some kind of uh seat belt
yahoo like yall writin uh email
Im on the DL
comin up feelin
and seein myself on top
like im in the ceilin
like its rainin outside
ya don't wanna be grillin
couldn't whip me
even if I was one of ya children
no questions wherever I step in
know uh legends in ya presence
like you seen
Donald Trump
in the buildin
they used to call my father Bill
Im-uh son of uh billion
without uh number
I still uh be
one in a million
Track Name: Sweet Dreams (Remix)
One day
on the way
to my reup man
saw this sexy lady joggin
lookin sweeter than pie
pulled over
went smack
told her keep me in locked
she hopped on instantly
we can spend knots
hit me up
phone convo
gettin heated alot
scooped her up
for our scheduled meeting
in our
first night over
hit it easy
man why
is it because she peeped the empire
but anyway
she from NY
I used to buy her carry out so much
that she ain't like to eat whats inside
nah I don't smoke
but see she be gettin high
so she be
puff and passin tree pieces
wit Ty
similar to me
because she don't 9 to 5
but her fits be decent and fire
it felt like it wasn't uh week
that went by
that I ain't freak in her my
sheets and then ride
she was speedin
shoulda known I had to keep in her eye
and creep up on her
like I be uh damn spy
one night received uh call
she was creepin
wit some guy
it was uh nightmare
guess my sweet dreams
been had died
Track Name: Gangsta Party (Remix)
Itz no slummin
when ya standin in the cold
wit ya nose runnin
nobody there to help ya crew but yall
need to count stacks
bounce back
from diz crucial fall
pushin wit da homey
that we used to call
and we ain't gotta million yet
so for uh pot of gold
im-uh plot and go
stand on corners
I used to keep my hand on quarters
like I waz washin clothes
lost control
lotz of smoke
knocks on doors
in the middle of the night
wit uh little bit of light
the way uh nigga livin life
you know I gotta stay low key
don't nobody wanna j-o-b
well not me at least
even though I ain't got me no sleep
if you not my friend
even if you was the movie
you still can not lean on me
waz the hood face
when it comes to good cake
gotta good taste
like hot
cream of wheat
thanksgivin everyday
cranberry sauce
want da greens too
I bring da leaf
what eyes seen uh week
like yall fingers be
when ya catch me
on my grind
I keep it real in the game
while yall be on the side lyin
everybody know my line
like its on my song
thaz uh worldwide hit
IOU's they hide quick
like t-mobile
I can givem uh side kick
I did
put people on to perform
and I ain't talkin bout
settin up uh show
I can still get my presidents
reputation up
even though I ain't
registered to vote
so let whoeva know
that we griiiiiiiiiiiiind
Track Name: Twisted (Remix)
Oh itz the
one thaz not tryna get ya girl
but im-uh go getta
this hope dealer's
very powerful
im tryna get some wings
and I ain't talkin bout carry out food
I'll bury yi fools
tryna stop Kat
ready to burst
like im cocked back
so hip hop that
for me
they should bring the box back
I don't gotta be feelin ya body to know
where ya hearts at
or hold ya head up
so hold ya head up
like I do pants
pretty young and makin moves
like uh smooth lil dude
at uh high school dance
I ain't selfish see
I'll help you eat
like food stamps
2getha we can
never say can't
exclude can'ts
out ya vocabulary then
f the worryin
know it ain't really there
like ya imaginary friend
not uh vegetarian
but for sure
you like green
so for that
march 1st
like when febuary end
Track Name: Can't You See (Remix)
Ya mother love to buy my
raps for her
see my raps iz like
crack to her
Im ya moms dealer
here's what im going tell her
I'll always be remembered
in the DMV
like Sean Taylor
yall wanna be by us
like yall aren't sellers
but just keep it movin
yall holdin us up
like umbrellas
am I on well I
will be any minute um
not hearing other rappers
keep they noise
to uh minimum
az I do this
Im the coolest
but I be chillin none
can get holes in em
like itz uh drill in em
speed up yuh start killin em
I want some unique freaks
thaz down for uh nigga
like they on uh ground
for uh nigga
just like I keep feet
and if you speak weak
I still wouldn't hear it again
if you put it on repeat
and I won't decrease
when I hit these streets
itz uh big release
like when I skeet skeet
Infinity's 3 deep
you're not really deep
like some pool water
thaz only 3 feet
fakin oh yeah
make ya disappear
just like uh letter
when I push delete
people thaz greedy
won't even want all of
act up
I'll have my homies Infinity
rush ya
like itz uh
Track Name: In My Hood (Remix)
In my hood
thaz where they be wilin
and they be thuggin
it ain't no smilin
cause they be muggin
and if you try them
end of discussion
heat uh be risin
like in uh oven
just like uh giant
they do the crushin
it ain't no hidin
it ain't no duckin
you will hear sirens
after the bustin
when its bad timin
it is disgustin
cause we be hustlin
not in uh line
but grinders be cuttin
and they still stackin
wit dat real flashin
hands full of rings
just like Phil Jackson
don't wanna be ya
know the procedure
if you sit in their spot
and don't raise up
they ain't takin uh piss
but they gonna lift
ya seat up
like spit
you'll get swallowed
get hit wit uh bottle
ain't talkin about uh
two liter
I mean da glass kind
betta not cock block
like ya clock stopped
that'll be ya last time
don't act kind
people be takin ya kindness for weakness
do not be thinkin uh female's the sweetest
got one
then you gotta ruler like teachers
we just
callin it how we see this
when ya see it
betta push redial
flossin like ya
cleanin ya teeth now
see clowns
jumpin up for it
like rebounds
better watch out who you
speak round
and they not Brandy
but they'll wanna be down
like uh producer
I'll lay uh beat down
knock you from MD
all the way
to p-town
Track Name: Paparazzi (Remix)
Are they layin there on the flo
feel like they're on the ground
cause I know they lookin at me
with them cameras on the low
you're uh fill in
im dealin and
handin them some hope
bamas can not
see my flow
like im cancelin my show
itz like we ran up
in the sto
we by bread
and like uh
pan thaz full of toast
I can handle hot bread
heard what I said
can't keep up
with this runna
you must be smoked out
like uh true pot head
not my legs
but you're holdin me up
roll wit da click man
like some rollers we crushed
forget who's doing it big
thaz supposed to be us
and like ya turned us up
all the way
ya wanna blow the speakers
oh you'll be us
you won't
you must be kiddin
like you been sittin
too long
in uh school zone
where my crew roamed
you don't wanna walk
on them streets
like you don't got
shoes on
Track Name: Boyfriend #3
Eitha way gal
I must keep ya lips
and ya hips happy
when they see me they smile
mad noise
in the room
thaz what we then made loud
a or b
step to me
we'll see'em laid out
talkin trash
cost so tellem start haulin fast
any day now
I suggest you bounce
because I don't need uh account
just to make ya pay pal
ya stay dial
lin my number
then ya end up under me
main parts 2getha like itz uh summary
guess im-uh be
uh defensive coordinator
I just run da d
ya don't want da dude
thaz number 2
because number 3
make ya don't want to leave
itz unbelievable
that number 1
waz ya main squeeze
but even glue
can't make it get back tight
they're like
baseball players wit strikes
because they can't hit dat right
but I live that life
az being ya man sweety
they can't see me
like dark kites
flyin in uh
pitch black night
the way that I grind ya'z
very nice
I tell my partners
she's da starter
in my line up
im-uh nine her
like Jerry Rice
kill it
like ery mic
when I blessem
take care of ya body
like uh womens restroom
yes im

Boyfriend #3
betcha baby daddy
probably try to get at me
if he actually knew
that it was another dude
other than number 2
boyfriend #3
numba 2
thaz your so called current lover
ain't really your lover
if ya in love wit who
boyfriend #3
we don't fuss
we don't fight
we don't argue
we are cool
according to
your crew
itz hard to
third place iz in the lead
guess they ain't in my league
bad boy of md's
boyfriend #3
Track Name: Last Of A Dying Breed (Remix)
Flashback through the times see
no bad chicks around
but if ya stick around
you'll catch me
baggin uh dimepiece
just gettin it
just kickin it
like i'm back in the nineties
layin tracks wit Tiny
and the whole xscape group
lotta places to
can't only be wit ya
like i'm not faithful
its funny what the cake do
make fools
do what I say do
like i'm the one that
make rules
haters hate that I
operate smooth
had so much purple
that I probably made
grape juice
hate too
i'm grateful
that I gotta break out mentality
i'm not gonna drop
do not
throw in the towel please
i'm str8
gotta great personality
now lets separate the fakes
from reality
in uh race
to round the way
i'll burn ya like calories
i'm hood
and you can't ever take the hood
outta me
Track Name: Betta Believe It (Remix)
I'm never slummin
im-uh give it my best
itz like I got too many clothes on
cause I gotta lot I wanna get off my chest
ya must die like romeo
for sendin us threats
i'm up high
like uh bird
that live in the nest
spittin and yes
i'm kickin in doors
will I kill da competition
in uh minute of course
ya should have figured i'm raw
don't be thinkin I won't do it
cause I'll prove it
i'll do it
like I did it before
I ain't slippin
you're slippin
like you slipped on the floor
i'm unusual
like uh caterpillar wit more
legs than usual
bring it on
im-uh bring it home
like im bringin home
somethin that you get from the store
get in the game
get in the source
or any cover there iz
but you can't cover my click
yall don't want trouble
wit these couple of kids
like parents
that want trouble
wit their couple of kids
get popped
like uh bubble thaz big
for jumpin in
or stumblin
into somethin
thaz none of ya biz
if everyone iz uh dog
then yall are puppies
we're pits
yall ain't seein us
we'll eat ya up
like lunch in the fridge
where I come from and lived
them people do not
give uh fuck
what ya think
they'll leave you
wet like water
runnin from uh tub
or uh sink
and knocked over
like ya got knocked over
by gettin shoved
in the club
wit ya drink
show no love
and I mean
what I say
when i'm sayin it
what you think I said
that fo
where eva Kat roll
my squad
be in back of me
like my ass hole
we'll leave ya back broke
like someone
that never had dough
we're gonna put our state on the map yo
we're up and comin
hotter than youngens
im raw
ready 4 whatever
on another level
youngens slummin
im just bumpin
and I can't be fallin down
im always up to somethin
Track Name: Served It All Before
Smellin like some products
that I don't even use
so if you want some of that
come back
to you know who
ya ain't dumb

Ya shoulda seen
what my face like
old connect
said oh ya next
king of da late night
collectin hella cash
thaz da best I ever had
like im relivin uh scene
outta Drakes life
don't fake like
ya can be
or know me
1st of tha month
full house
and I ain't talkin bout
Danny and Joey
I stand out
i'm outstandin and homey
i'm not Bobby Brown
but now im gatherin roni
jackaz and phonies
are surroundin
but throw me away
when I got nothin to pass
call it intentional groundin
cause no one is around then
or sure if they're invisible
ain't heard from them in uh
minute dude
killem wit my street gear
hurtem when im in uh suit
used to be
poppin up
at the spot
like cops
thaz searchin
for uh criminal
bag selection
hadem askin questions
like uh person
in uh interview
encouraged and presentable

I served it all before
hey hey hey hey
pay me
pay me tips
pay me tax
don't know why im hurtin now
look who's hurtin now
I cant be hurtin now
operation shutdown
I served it all before
hey hey hey hey
pay me
pay me tips
pay me tax
don't know why im hurtin now
look who's hurtin now
I cant be hurtin now
operation shutdown

Smellin like some products
that I don't even use
so if you want some of that
come back
to you know who
ya ain't dumb
Track Name: Gucci Bandana (Remix)
Don't know about you
but we true grind-uh-holics
small plates they get ate up
like lil appetizers
come up
come out
come out
wherever you are
itz hard to find ya
like ya hidin
we want our space
like the place is just crowded
and can not be seen
like ya closed up ya eye lids
heated like winter gear
so if you interfere
you'll get removed
like uh computer virus
runnin wit Swift
and im runnin wit Silence
if ya don't really like us
don't come at us bye then
were really hungry
our stomachs our growlin
and what we going eat up
has just been decided
the strip and it come wit the green
like uh salad
you can not outsmart us
so don't think about it
dude if you do
be thinkin about it
then you need to stop it
just like it iz violence
where we lay our head at
watch out for that street talent
like business cards
they will go in ya wallet
them bullets are flyin
and they don't need pilots
they'll come for your head
like uh hair stylist
we just be slangin out
so when you spot us
you know we not hangin out
we are not spiders
the ladies they want us to get wit them private
we all on they hands
like finger nail polish
they wanna be booked like some knowledge
tryin flip moves on us
like some piledrivers
so some deserve to get dogged like rockweilers
they shoulda been provided wit
some good guidance
around my way
they be on water
like pirates
stick wit dem additions
im ditchin uh minus
stand up
for our peoples
cant knock us off balance
yall don't wanna
jump out there
even if yall
sky divers
who az live az
Track Name: Str8 Up Menace (Remix)
Heard ya got that
is that correct?
nice to meet you
nights and mornings
everybody be on it
like uh toilet we use
I know I don't
need to be
doing this
but I be doing this
like I need to
givem uh little bit now
makem comeback for more
like uh preview
put uh foot on me
but I got kicked out the house
by my
see she knew somethin
smelled fishy like
double checkin around
found evidence
im all around
like surround sound systems
I creep through
don't teach at any schools
but im makin the lil
youngstas keep on readin me
like im their favorite book
not lookin suspicious
but quickest on missions
im flippin
like pages in books
for steppin on toes
get low
or get stole
like its some cake that ya took
wasn't makin fakes look
so why did they keep starin at ours then?
why am I even worrying bout them?
we can makem
go to sleep early
like their parents did
when they was about ten
this is our year
stop shoutin
itz two thou ten
Track Name: Certified Gangstas (Remix)
Now by uh show of hands
who wanna leave from round my city
I can get you out there
like exposure can
ain't talkin bout cereal
but there people purchase
golden grams
all my fans do iz
keep me hot
like uh broken fan
networkin in person
I be crankin
like uh go go band
all I do iz
spit my own flows
like I don't know no jams
or others lines
the money is mine
right along
with the thong
and ya mothers behind
fell in love
kissin and huggin
my grind
yall can still see me
win doe
even if my window
iz covered in blinds
im one of uh kind
if you say I ain't the truth then see
you're lucky that it ain't
two of me
cause if it was two of me
we would jump ya for lyin
put you
on the spot
like we sent you to pump
uh few dimes
whole time
no audio
then you'll see we
iz uh crazy mix
like oreos
mixed wit wheaties
we'll stay wit each other
label us brothers
like mario and luigi
Track Name: I'm A Flirt (Remix)
Im wonderin
if it really taste like peaches
she look so good
doesn't make any sense
before its all over
i'll make sure
im going out on her
like she's playin defense
before she start leavin
i'll creep and say hi soon
even when im speakin its hot tunes
so I know she'll still be hot
even though it iz not june
she the bomb
her hair and her nails
look very good still
I wanna see that birthday costume
she's makin my eyes zoom
she even got the lil kids
watchin it like cartoons
itz terrible
that my mind is on this
but the behind is big
i'll get behind it quick
when I take it to my room
and blow it up bigger like it iz uh balloon
the more we 2getha
the better
we'll see this again
like it iz de-ja-vue
and everytime when
bumpin and grindin
she'll holla holla
like Ja Rule
she don't gotta be uh cop oooooooooh
to bring out the handcuffs
and what
she won't be sayin much
cause she'll be sandwiched
I'll say
am I under arrest sweety
you're lookin fresh and sweet
like blueberries
tell me you're single
don't tell me that you married
no ring
oh ya not
picked you up at nine
thaz uh true carry
caught you sleepin like the tooth fairy
don't you worry bout the freakin and flirtin
like uh super soaker
be in here squirtin
join me in my world
when ya being my girl
this is our world
like we make the earth spin
Track Name: Dey Know (Remix)
No love for them haters at
its pointless for it to be
you versus me
I can't stand them bamas
they was fakin on campus
so it was about to be uh
school emergency
I ain't human damn it
im from another planet
like I come from
neptune or mercury
who deserve to eat
im able
to hook you up
i'll hook you up like cable
im not ya mother or butler
thaz cookin the dinner
but im always bringin somethin
to the table
don't gotta be disabled
to know to not run up freeze
like you're too slow
ya know ya can't
run wit me
might be uh hundred deep
but itz like ya got
stuffed animals
in ya home
cause they're all soft company
my favorite color see
but the time I
turn 23
im-uh be
to pull up
in uh hummer
thaz sunny d
come out forever
refuse to be
talkin negative
thaz bad in ya mouth
like gum disease
yall some suckaz
like vacuum cleaners
band wagon iz leanin
from all of yall wanna bees
positive im-uh lead
by example
for the youth
they say when I grow up
know what
I wanna be like you
iz what I can't stay
cause im so known
but in my own league
like im the one and only
even though I go wit da bread
like some bologna
im like Janet Jackson
I get so lonely
ya don't need
tv to turn on my channel
thaz da word
feel free to pass that out like samples
Track Name: Just Kickin It (Remix)
VERSE 1...
Ay Swift
I remember that
time in da couve
we met two bitches
they was tryna be cool
one tied up to me
one tied up to you
to them
we one of uh kind
kind of dudes
you got them digits
then ya hitem up
then they hit us up
then they picked us up
same day
ain't they
some funny girls
oh yeah them thighs gettin bruised
we rapped for them
gavem some of that
Infinity fire and fuel
couple days passed
we waz up in they azz
bumpin and grindin
behind them like oooooh
condom fit
like im tryin on my shoes
sex so sweet
like pineapple juice
her hands on the couch
mines on her boobs
sexed dem up
extra rough
their booties tested us
so we tookem
like they was some
finals in school
that that
night it was too
hilarious nigga
once Infinity put it on women
they'll wanna
marry these niggaz
remember how we
carried it hit da
in da zone man
5 in da mornin
doin da grown thang
str8 beatin it
ain't need to spit game
if them booties was pictures
we knocked em out da frame
had dem shawties cheeks shakin like uh
pocket full of change
it was da bomb yes
had uh azz smackin contest
handz down like uh arm test

and Katastrophe
together we're Infinity
after makin dem moves
the crew just want to
fuck bitches
fuck bitches
and Katastrophe
together we're Infinity
after makin dem moves
the crew just want to
fuck bitches
fuck bitches

VERSE 2...
I know you member dat
chick back at mikes house
she was quick to rock our mics
when we pulled our mics out
put pipe in her grill
she ain't even have ice in her grill
but her head
makes you chill
call her ice mouth
she waz too big for me
to get jiggy wit deee lifestyle
or trojan
we had her just rollin
gaggin and chokin
her mouth iz like
uh trash can
it opens
your jaw hurt
too bad if its swollen

and Katastrophe
together we're Infinity
after makin dem moves
the crew just want to
fuck bitches
fuck bitches
and Katastrophe
together we're Infinity
after makin dem moves
the crew just want to
fuck bitches
fuck bitches
and Katastrophe
together we're Infinity
after makin dem moves
the crew just want to
fuck bitches
fuck bitches
and Katastrophe
together we're Infinity
after makin dem moves
the crew just want to
fuck bitches
fuck bitches

VERSE 3...
think about those old times
at the old
I remember that time
when you had dem
3 lil shawties
we was thinkin like
do our thing 2night
dem freaks got body
you took one
to the back room
she got bodied
I went smack at her friend
like whats happenin
me I party
I took her downstairs
she felt the brown
but me not bobby
that thang in her throat
her name isn't joe
but she got sloppy
no 106th and park shit
but we just rock see

and Katastrophe
together we're Infinity
after makin dem moves
the crew just want to
fuck bitches
fuck bitches
and Katastrophe
together we're Infinity
after makin dem moves
the crew just want to
fuck bitches
fuck bitches